Landscape & Garden Soils

Landscape & Garden Soils

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General Landscape Soil

General Landscape is an excellent all-around soil with a sandy loam texture and a balanced fertility suitable for most plants. Expect controlled growth and a healthy green color for plants growing in General Landscape. The sandy loam base assures good drainage and loose friable soil, wet or dry. General Landscape also blends well with existing soils, even those of high clay content, to improve their overall texture and fertility. When applying GL over existing soil, the best practice is to make a six-inch deep transition zone where GL and the existing soil are mixed. This can be done by roughly breaking up the surface of the existing soil with a spading fork before applying General Landscape. We do not recommend a layer of GL much deeper than 12”. The natural biological activity of soils rich in compost and organic matter can lower oxygen levels at greater depths. It will not be beneficial to plants. Plus, the feeder roots of most plants are present within the upper 12” of soil and often less.

$46.95 / yd
$31.75 / 1/2 yd
$7.95 / 2 cu ft bag

Local Hero

Local Hero is our popular and greatly praised soil blend formulated for vegetable gardens. It is a highly fertile soil with a sandy loam base amended with our super-agedcompost and enhanced with feather meal and poultry manure compost to provide a balanced fertility well suited to leafy vegetables, root crops, and tomatoes. It is our most popular soil blend among home gardeners. The low clay content means it will have excellent drainage, be easy to till, and will not compact like clay soils.

Local Hero is an excellent choice for raised beds. If the raised bed is placed over existing soil, we recommend making a transition zone at the interface of the Local Hero and the existing soil. This can be done by loosening the existing soil with a spading fork or tool of your choice, leaving some small clumps the size of golf balls, then working in Local Hero to make a six-inch transition layer before filling the bed to capacity with Local Hero. The transition layer will allow roots and water to move more easily into the subsoil, and you will see better plant growth. Local Here is also an excellent choice for any area of your garden where very high fertility is useful.

$55.85 / yd
$37.70 / 1/2 yd
$8.95 / 2 cu ft bag

Turf Blend

Turf Blend is designed for lawn, and ground covers areas that accept foot traffic. and are used as lawn substitutes. It is sandier than our other soils, allowing for the rapid infiltration of water, reducing runoff, and conserving water. Its sandy nature also means that walking on the lawn while wet will not cause compaction, as often occurs with soil of higher clay content. Compacted soil can cause severe problems with lawn areas, and it often appears as patchiness or barren soil that will not readily accept water. Golf courses are constructed with sand or sandy soils for this reason.

To use turf blend over an existing soil, make sure the area is free of grass, weeds, or other plants. Then break up the soil with a spading fork or rototiller to a depth of approximately 4-6 inches deep, leaving clumps of soil no larger than a golf ball. There should be enough space between clumps for the Turf Blend to fill and provide channels for roots to enter the subsoil. Pulverizing the soil too finely will not form a good transition zone. If the area to plant is too large to work with a spading fork or shovel, a mechanical ripper may be necessary. However, a transition zone may not be required if the existing soil has an open structure and is easily worked.

$49.75 / yd
$33.60 / 1/2 yd
$6.25 / 3/4 cu ft bag

Woodland Mix

Woodland Mix is formulated for plants that grow in moderately acidic soils with high organic matter content. Rhododendrons, blueberries, true geraniums, ferns, and numerous other plants found in the forested areas along the California coast and northward are all examples. In addition, many garden plants that do not require soils of this type also grow exceedingly well in Woodland Mix. It is a perfect soil for an informal garden of small trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants that intermingle and change through the seasons.

$65.25 / yd
$44.00 / 1/2 yd
$12.50 / 2 cu ft bag

American Flower Power

Flower Power was developed for the cannabis industry but has proven to be an excellent choice for general container growing and raised beds. Our goal in formulating Flower Power was to maximize growth but growth in a balanced manner yielding strong stems and large dark green leaves. After running numerous field tests with various organic nutrient sources and structural matrices, we developed a mix that meets those criteria. Root development is also very healthy and well distributed throughout containers of all sizes from one gallon or larger. Flower Power works exceptionally well in large-size field containers.

Flower Power is comprised of a proprietary coconut coir blend of pith and fibers that maximizes air space while providing excellent water-holding capacity. Among the other ingredients are aged fir bark, worm castings, zeolite, feather meal, poultry manure compost, gypsum, dolomite, and oyster shell.

$125.00 / yd
$19.95 / 2 cu ft bag

About Our Soils

At American Soil & Stone, we take great pride in producing the highest quality soils. We have over 38 years of experience blending soil and 38 years of listening to our customers. This has given us the knowledge to provide some of the best soils and soil amendments that you will find in the Bay Area.

We produce a variety of soils and soil amendments, each formulated and optimized for a specific use. For example, American Soil & Stone makes a very nutrient-rich, open-structured soil for vegetable gardens, a moderately acidic, high organic matter soil for woodland-style gardens, and an open-structured, granular, fast-draining soil for cactus, succulents, and similar plants. The list goes on. We also produce custom-blended soils for projects with special requirements, such as rooftop gardens or unique plantings at botanical gardens. We have the knowledge and ability to handle almost any project.

Quality Control

We continuously run growth tests on all of our soils. Growth tests provide a much better indication of how soil performs than laboratory tests that only capture a single point in time. Soil is dynamic. As soon as you water or dig into it, its chemical, physical and biological properties begin to change. Using a growth test, we can follow the plant's response throughout its development and maturation. Growth tests also allow us to determine if the various components we blend into the soil are consistent with the high quality we require.

How We Mix Our Soil

Our soils are blends of many different materials, such as composts, organic fertilizers, mineral components, bark, soil, etc. The method by which all the components are blended is of extreme importance in determining how the soil will perform. A uniformly mixed soil is essential for consistent plant growth. To this end, American Soil & Stone has invested in the best mixing equipment to ensure that all ingredients are uniformly blended in the production of our soils and amendments. We use an electric batch mixer that is capable of evenly combining as little as one pound or less of an ingredient into a cubic yard of soil. The result is that our soils are consistently uniform within a batch and between batches. There are no fertilizer hot spots or dead spots to cause problems. Growth will be uniform and predictable. It is almost impossible to achieve this level of uniformity when using a front-end loader which is the common practice in our industry.

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